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Strawberry Jack...THE GALLANT CREW

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You know about the cast - well now it's time to mention the talented crew that are beavering away in the background for Strawberry Jack - from original musical score and sound, to set and production design to documentary/photography and much is happening and it's all coming together beautifully so far...

Darren McGinn Trailer, Art & Production Design

Darren's frst project with us was on RANK, producing a fab new poster for the production -

- and getting supervising the video projections for the multi media play at The Lowry earlier this year.  From there Darren started work on the early art concept design for Strawberry Jack, those images can be found throughout this blog - obviously his Trailer for the play is really creating a buzz around the production -

- currently working on the projected backdrops for the play, it's clear that Darren is a major talent and his passion for the production and Tales from Paradise Heights shines through.

Holly Kim Wyatt Sound Designer and Sound Track Supervisor

Holly did an absolutley brilliant job earlier this year working on two projects, on sound design for the film THE WATCHER and running the sound decks for the play RANK at The Lowry.  The work she has produced so far for Strawberry Jack has been as always first class, she has a real feel for the production, her network of contacts to other professioanls brought in The Tangled Man and Ruth Parfitt who Holly is currently directing in bringing he score together.

Ruth Parfitt Composer and Sound Engineer, SSR Manchester

Ruth was the sound engineer on the recording of THE GEMINI MAN, over at SSR Studios in late November, she is also working on composition of tracks for the original sound track for Strawberry Jack. what she has produced so far really fits the feel for the play - fast turnaround and absolutlely no compromising quality, beautiful stuff so far from Ruth.

Tangled Man Composer of Melody on THE GEMINI MAN, and additional tracks for Strawberry Jack.

Tangled Man is clearly extraordinarily talented, the compostions he has put together for Strawberry Jack are really, really beautiful.  On top of this he read the lyrics for The Gemini Man, picked up his guitar and instantly composed the melody, he has also produced some really quite beautiful compostions to bridge certain scenes in the play, symphonic string arrangents that really connect with the story, again all to very tight deadlines but with no compromise on quaility. 

Stella Grundy, Assistant Director and Vocals on THE GEMINI MAN

A good mate and a stunning performer, Stella is a true eclectic all rounder.  A writer/dirctor herself (NICO ICON Play and another couple of projects in the works) she was also lead singer and song writer in INTASTELLA, a band huge on the Indie scene around MADchester in the late eighties and early 90's.  Many of you will know Stella from her crackling character creations in THE BENCH: A Tale from Paradise Heights.  Stella returns to The Heights as Assistant Director on Strawberry Jack, and that's her haunting vocal on The Gemini Man - link below.

Ben Mottershead Documentary Producer and Photographer

After doing such a fantastic job on the documentary on The Making of THE WATCHER, Ben is now beavering away on The Making of Strawberry Jack, on top of that he has a great eye for photography and has produced some great work so far, there will be more pics from Ben over the next few days...and maybe a little something extra special.

Rhainnon Clifford Set Builder

With a keen eye for detail, award winning set designer Rhiannon is keeping ahead of the constant updates on the set and sending regular pics through of the work in progress, everything looks fab so far and it's great to have her on board - first of many productions with us we hope.

Jeni Howarth Williams...a GREAT MATE x

Many of you will know Jeni well from Manchester's theatre circuit, the former MEN Best Actress Award Winner has appeared in many productions and of course she has appeared in THE WATCHER and RANK as Lisa McGeehan the fiery, determined owner of LUCKY CABS (now CORNY CABS) on the Paradise Heights estate.

I asked Jeni to help in casting the part of MANDY, as an agent herself she has a keen eye in matching the right person to the right part, she stepped in and gave me some excellent advice around the auditions.  Thanks hon...;) Jx 

A great team that are all working their socks off, really pushing the Quality Factor...

More updates later this week...including an extra special IAN CURLEY update...

Joe x

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