Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Watcher, Monolgueslam & Paradox, Corrie Jim, Acting Class and a VERY EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT

THE WATCHER: A Tale from Paradise Heights

We're progressing nicely on THE WATCHER - the next screen tale from Tales From Paradise Heights.  Some great stuff came out of a pre-production meeting at mine with COLIN WARHURST, CHRIS LANE and IAN CURLEY.  Storyboarding, animatics and location work all progressing nicely - and now here is the first official shout out for EXTRA's. 

Although this is a stand alone tale in the series, there are also links to RANK - the stage play, and I'm looking for at least 12 guys to play HALLOWEEN MASKED HOODIES that are prowling the estate, so please give me a shout if you are gonna be available for night shoots around EASTER/ROYAL WEDDING week.  Email me on if you are interested. 

More updates on this very soon...


I attended Monologueslam at MATT & PHRED's last Sunday night and performed a monologue from STRAWBERRY JACK - the next stage story from Tales from Paradise Heights.  Apart from a wandering eye patch it went down very well with the audience and certainly whetted a few appetites with a view to finding out more about the character and the play.  I'll be repeating the performance at PARADOX at FUEL in Withington next Saturday 9/4/11, hope to see you there...still waiting on news from at least two theatres in the region with a view to the debut of the play. 

More news soon...


I'll be popping up on the cobbles of Coronation Street as a character called SPOONER on Monday 11/04/11 playing opposite Charlie Lawson (JIM McDONALD), I can't say anything about the storyline, it's one short scene - but the scene of course lead me to meet Charlie.  I've since had lunch with the big man and I can confirm that Charlie will be appearing in a future film story in Paradise Heights and we are in talks for him to play DEAF FREDDIE in STRAWBERRY JACK - the character has been mentioned previously in THE BENCH. 

Charles Lawson (Jim McDonald from Coronation Street) just cast in Tales from Paradise Heights

More news on this soon...


A word on my acting class that I run from Salford and Bolton, they are going from strength to strength and some fantastic stuff is coming from the students there now.  I've included a scene below (in a facebook link) from the Salford class featuring James Schofield and Julia Walsh.  Both actors give fantastic performances but what is remarkable here is Julia Walsh, she had no previous acting experience before joining the class in August last year.!/video/video.php?v=10150464144540006&comments

Check it out.  Julia has also just gained a place at Arden College...thinking about Acting? Act now and get in touch with me, I still have places at both schools.

And finally some very exciting news...

Tales from Paradise Heights: The Web Series

The world of Paradise Heights is now very much alive and kicking, a very ordinary council estate with the odd supernatural thread weaving it's way almost invisibly through the series.  With over 60 characters so far including the odd ghost, Angel and Angel of Death it's very fertile ground and it's clear from the success of the series so far that audiences and critics are enjoying the tales.  We've had stage stories, feature film stories and short film stories. 

I can excusively reveal that I am in the very early stages of taking Tales from Paradise Heights and crafting an episodic online series. 

So whatever side of the camera you are on this could be your chance to get involved in the series...the other plays and films will also continue to roll out, it's a busy this space. 

I'm off down the Ace of Spades now for a drink with Frank Morgan, maybe he can fund me...What do you reckon? 

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