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Hannah Green & THE WATCHER, and a Doco on THE MAKING OF RANK

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Friday night presented more challenges on the making of THE WATCHER - challenges conquered by the superb team working on the production.  Tonight was a special night as HANNAH GREEN joined us for the first time, HANNAH was one of the many talented young girls auditioned for the part of STACEY TYLER in THE WATCHER, and the talented little gem won the role.  This was HANNAH's first ever film, and for a girl so young she really left everybody gob-smacked, she was absolutely SUPERB! 

HANNAH GREEN as Stacey Tyler (Photo: Chris Lane)

She was a proper bright little bundle of energy, she had a lot of fun with the cast and crew and proved to be quite a little character behind the scenes, even entertaining us with funny little songs and ryhmes, she was fun, cheeky and really bonded with the cast and crew.

Getting into character (Photo: Chris Lane)

 - but once it came to the serious stuff for camera and the film?  BOY DID SHE DELIVER!  She very quickly absorbed the technicalities of what we were doing, responded brilliantly to direction, threw in suggestions of her own and gave a truly brilliant performance - I can't wait to work with her again. 

Is this THE WATCHER?  Hannah on set (Photo: Chris Lane)

If any director out there is looking for a child actor that won't let you down?  Look no further, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her - this girl has a future.

Frank Morgan and the very strange Tyler Family (HANNAH GREEN, STE MYOTT and SARAH MEADOWS) Photo: Chris Lane

TEDDY JACK: Stacey's favourite toy - and a nod to the next
Tale from Paradise Heights: STRAWBERRY JACK - coming soon!  (Photo: Chris Lane)

STAN the Garden Gnome (a 'familiar figure' on the Manchester film scene) visits THE WATCHER set and chats with TEDDY JACK between takes, comparing their film careers thus far - right pair of luvvies.
(Photo: Chris Lane)

The Making of RANK: A Tale from Paradise Heights
Three Part Documentary

Two years ago RANK premiered at The Lowry, below are links to a three part doco I made on the making of the production, can't believe how porky I am here! Wow! I'm almost half the man I used to be...;) Althoiugh we are currenly reshooting a lot of what we shot here, I think you'll find this interesting as you get a background on the production and also on some of the other tales in the series.  Please feel free to leave any comments...RANK is of course on at The Lowry on 12/06/11 at 3pm and 8pm. 




I'M FRANK MORGAN, RANK and the Premiere of THE WATCHER - Sunday 12th June 2011 @ 3pm and 8pm.  A Unique Paradise Heights Trilogy and a one off for TWO PERFORMANCES ONLY AT THE LOWRY.

It might be an idea to BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW as sales thus far are going really well!  You can BOOK here:

Keep watching for THE WATCHER...

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Sponsored by LUCKY CABS of Paradise Heights

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