Sunday, 6 February 2011

Websites, Acting Class's, Radio Shows and Interviews...

Hi all, I hope you are well...

Well it's been a busy couple of weeks.  I've now got the Tales from Paradise Heights Brochure (aimed at potential investors) complete and I'll be getting busy with those over the next couple of weeks.  THE PARADISE HOUR is now in full swing every Friday on Salford City Radio from 10 to 11 am - so you can msg me for any requests or news you may have and I'll mention it on air, and of course you can hear exclusive Paradise Heights News there.  Here's a link to last weeks show:

Always Worth A Lissun!

I'm getting the 'band' back together next week for the first read through on STRAWBERRY JACK - and we're still looking for an actor to play DEAF FREDDIE in the play, details of auditions soon. 

I have been running an Acting Class at Salford Arts Theatre every Monday night for tthe last 8 months or so, it's been going fantastically well.  The really good news is I'll be opening one in Bolton from Tuesday 15th February at Great Lever Community Centre - there's a link here to what we do at Salford Arts Theatre - I'll be doing the same thing at the Bolton class - so if you;re thinking about acting - ACT NOW and contact me - you'll find contact details in this link, you can of course join the Salford class too - just let me know. here's the link:

I've also just completed my first interview for - a fantastic site ran by the ever industrious Craig Nelson.  I interviewed DARREN SHAHLAVI - an former body guard and stunt man now turned Action Star filming all over the world, not bad for a Stockport lad!  His latest movie IP MAN 2 is out here on the 7th March.  Read the interview here:

The Tales From Paradise Heights website is currently under construction, Paradise Heights regular actress PHOEBE MARIE JONES and her other half CLANCY HOOD are beavering away on it...

I'm also back writing again...burning a TORCH into the night...;)

More soon and much love...

Joe x

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