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A Few Words on A Fear of BIG The Octagon Theatre

Joe O'Byrne: Rehearsal Pic by Lee Bolton

It's been a wee while since I wrote something here, so I'm gonna make up for it a bit...Reherasal Pics here are from Lee Bolton, and the live show pics are from Mike Craig, two top lads with a real eye for the shot.

A Fear of BIG WORDS...was always going to be something of an experiment. Co-Producer and Co-Director for the show, Ian Curley had the idea first, a selection of scenes from across the range of productions from Tales from Paradise Heights.  Ian picked the scenes and from his program notes here, you get the picture...

As with many of the scenes selected for this show, a conscious effort was made to bring another dimension wherever possible, to some of the characters and their stories; whilst maintaining the essential context and  dialogue originally written by Joe. The constraints of the unique format of  A Fear of BIG WORDS... initially seemed like they would limit or restrict new creative interpretation. However one of the exciting and interesting consequences of producing a show like this has been the freedom and liberation it has given to the actors and directors to explore different alternative realities for the characters and lives of the people we have met so far.

So, very much an experiment...well, it's fair to say it worked...

The show connected fantastically with the audience, as performers we could feel it coming through in waves.  The cast were absolutley on fire and Tangled Man's live musical renditions along with Stella Grundy brought a new dimension to Paradise Heights, one that bodes well for the future. 

Inspired by the song SHIRLEY'S TOWN (lyrics Joe O'Byrne, melody Tangled Man)  Darren McGinn produced his version of Shirley,
the Angel from Paradise Heights

We had some lovely feedback from the audience, who were moved by the stunning performances from cast who gave their all in a very eclectic show.  Live music, theatre and film, with just enough in there to show the connections between the stories, and enough to whet appetites, many there last night said they would be seeking out the full blown productions and new shows when they are ready, so as an advert for the series...mission accomplished.  It's a show we will be repeating, and hopefully rolling out to different towns and city's to give a flavour of the world in the lead up to the full shows hitting new provinces.

The following are shots from the night and the rehearsal process...

BROTHERLY LOVE:  Jeni Howarth Williams (PIC: Mike Craig)

BLUE:  Alice Brockway (Pic: Mike Craig)

 BEHIND THE SCENES:  Ian Curley and Alice Brockway (Pic Lee Bolton)

BEHIND THE SCENES: Ian and Joe working out the scene running order        (Pic Lee Bolton)

TANGLED MAN performs SHIRLEY'S TOWN opening the show (Pic Mike Craig)

TODAY'S SPECIAL: Jo Malone and Stella Grundy perfoming live (Pic Mike Craig)

TANGLED MAN rehearses SHIRLEY'S TOWN (Pic Lee Bolton)

JO MALONE rehearse THE JACKA HACKA (Pic Lee Bolton)

Pic Lee Bolton

SECRET: David Edward Robertson rocks the audience
Pic Mike Craig

STELLA GRUNDY as The Queen of Clubs, Miss Nula Christie
Perfrming THE GEMINI MAN (Pic Mike Craig)

MARBLES: Alice Brockway and Joe O'Byrne
Pic: Mike Craig

BEHIND THE SCENES: David Edward Robertson and Joe
Pic Lee Bolton

BROTHERLY LOVE: Jeni Howarth Williams rehearses
Pic Lee Bolton

THE HACKA JACKA: Joe rehearses (Pic Lee Bolton)

RED: Alice Brockway performs a harrowing monologue
Pic Mike Craig

SWINGS AND ROUNDABOUTS: Ian Curley and Ste Myott
Pic Mike Craig

FULL OF BEANS: Ian Curley live
Pic: Mike Craig

FIRST DAY OUT: Ian Curley and Stella Grundy move the house
Pic Mike Craig

Pic Lee Bolton

Pic Lee Bolton

Pic Lee Bolton

Pic Lee Bolton


Thanks to a wonderful audience and to the great folks down at THE OCTAGON, paricularly ELIZABETH NEWMAN, we'll be back...

Joe x

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