Saturday, 30 April 2011

THE WATCHER and RANK: Two shoots in one night? We like to set the bar HIGH

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Not content with working on one TALES FROM PARADISE HEIGHTS production - oh no - we have to really raise the bar and shoot scenes from two productions in one night.  It seems no challenge is too great for this FANTASTIC TEAM. 

Troubles Behind Her:  Jeni Howarth Williams (LISA from RANK)

It was lovely to have JENI HOWARTH WILLIAMS rejoin us in shooting scenes for the new version of RANK that will be showing along with THE WATCHER on the 12th June at The Lowry.  RANK is of course a multi media stage play but sits very nicely alongside the film THE WATCHER as the action from both productions takes place on the same night...a night of serious disruption of the Paradise Heights estate - and indeed there will be some cross over between the two productions that audiences will hopefully be thrilled by as MAREK a taxi driver from RANK experiences a night he will never forget in THE WATCHER. 

Now check these FABULOUS PIX from the very talented BEN MOTTERSHEAD.

Chris Lane: Producer THE WATCHER


Ian Curley (Exec Producer & MAREK - THE WATCHER & RANK) Takes a minute between takes

Joe O'Byrne (Writer/Director RANK & THE WATCHER) Checks the script

Colin Warhurst (DOP) Chris Lane (Producer) and Joe setting up another shot with a car full of Menace

Mask of Malice


Setting another shot for THE WATCHER

A well known villain from PARADISE HEIGHTS makes a return in THE WATCHER

I've been involved in more than a few film sets now, and have done my fair share of directing in the past but I can honestly say this is the BEST TIME I have EVER had on a film production.  To be surrounded by so many talented, enthusiastic and lovely people is just a thrill for me and has really restoked my fire and brought me back to life. 

I and so many others are determined to take TALES FROM PARADISE HEIGHTS so much further across a range of media...the story from all the productions so far is just the beginning, there is so much more to come...

Joe xx

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