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STOKING THE FIRE AGAIN: Two New Plays On The Way...

I've just seen a review for STRAWBERRY JACK that is a stunner, the kind of review that makes this kind of struggle all worth while, a review that I'm sure will only help us in getting the play on in further venues regional and national.  On top of that the lovely PAUL CRYER of filmed the first nights run of the show, the DVD will be available in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime here are a few stills from Paul's filming:

 DAVID EDWARD ROBERTSON (Deaf Freddie) and IAN CURLEY (Strawberry Jack) outside Frank Morgan's ACE OF SPADES CLUB, Strawberry Jack
 Deaf Freddie and Strawberry Jack outside Frank Morgan's ACE OF SPADES CLUB, Strawberry Jack

 Strawberry Jack and Mandy (ALICE BROCKWAY) in the bar, Frank Morgan's ACE OF SPADES CLUB. Strawberry Jack
Strawberry Jack and Mandy, Strawberry Jack

Deaf Freddie and Strawberry Jack After hours at Frank Morgan's ACE OF SPADES CLUB, Strawberry Jack

Strawberry Jack and Melvyn (JOE O'BYRNE) at Melvyn's House, Strawberry Jack

Mandy and IAN Strawberry Jack at Melvyn's House, Strawberry Jack

Strawberry Jack and Shirley (JO KIRKHAM) at the derelict church,
Strawberry Jack

Mandy and Strawberry Jack: Strawberry Jack

Dave (MATTHEW GANLEY) on The Ace of Spades Club Door, Strawberry Jack

Strawberry Jack in the derelict church, Strawberry Jack

Huge thanks to Paul Cryer for these stills, full DVD due shortly.
A time for quiet reflection?  Take a chill pill? Sit back, kickback and relax? Let the grass grow a little?  Nah...Never been one for sitting still. 

Ben Mottershead is currently beavering away on the edit of The Making of Strawberry Jack Documentary that will no doubt help push the play further, Ben did a fantastic job on The Making of The Watcher - a talented young film maker that is sure to go far.

Obviously TORCH is on the horizon, another play in the series.  This one will be another huge step forward, and will need a few quid in the kitty, that's something I'll have to work on.  STRAWBERRY JACK showed us the outside of Frank Morgan's club The Ace of Spades, TORCH will take us inside, and inside the mind of a twisted TORCH SINGER Nula Christie, THE QUEEN OF CLUBS working at THE ACE OF SPADES.  If you saw STRAWBERRY JACK you will have heard her, THE GEMINI MAN is one of her songs. 

THE GEMINI MAN - Stella Grundy (Lyrics: Joe O'Byrne, Music & Composition: The Tangled Man) by Paradise Joe

I'll be writing a couple of more songs to be performed live in TORCH, and indeed I hope to be collaborating with TANGLED MAN, RUTH PARFITT and HOLLY KIM WYATT on a possible Songs and Music from Paradise Heights Concept Album - it was such a buzz working with them for Strawberry Jack that we'd be missing out if we didn't.

I'm planning a short film before it, to go hand in burnt hand with TORCH, a stand alone film with it's own story (that is ALWAYS important, they have to work as their own singular tales) but fans of the series will see the bridge between STRAWBERRY JACK and TORCH. 

There's also another play I'm working on, DIANE'S DELI (working title - may change) that will very possibly be premiering at one of the regions leading theatre's between April and June - before TORCH - I'm hoping to confirm that one here very soon.

But more than anything I want to get STRAWBERRY JACK out there again, so I'm looking for spaces, theatre programmers if you're reading this please get in touch, that said I will very probably be getting in touch with you...:)

It's also looking like there will be some good news shortly on certain films that have been made in the Tales from Paradise Heights series, Watch this space.

Finally, what I'm really looking for now is the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is Tales from Paradise Heights - a PRODUCER.  A producer who will help us get to London, will help us bring the finance in to do if that's you and you want to work with a dynamic forward moving company, a team of talented professionals, with a tremendous back catalogue of successful and well reviewed projects just itching to hit London - please get in touch and let's talk...2012 is gonna be big...

Oh, and here's that review I talked about, another 5* one to add to the collection...

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