Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Shark comes to The Octagon

Frank Morgan: As seen in THE WATCHER: A Tale from Paradise Heights

Hi all

I'm delighted to announce that the play that started the continuing series of plays and films, Tales from Paradise Heights is finally coming to my home town of Bolton, in the studio of the fabulous OCTAGON THEATRE, once again thanks to the ever supportive dynamo that is Elizabeth Newman, the theatre's talented Associate Director. 

I'M FRANK MORGAN will be stripped back, raw, rough, ready and remixed, and very much a tale for our times.  It's a one man show, played by myself as an Irish loan shark, gambler and owner of The Ace of Spades club who see's himself as very much the first emergency service in Paradise Heights.  A sociopath who's short fuse may have brought about his end.  Join him on a dark night for a tour of his domain, a man seemingly afraid of nothing...apart from his own reflection in the mirror - why can't he look himself in the eye anymore? 

DARREN MCGINN has once again worked his magic and produced these two poster images for the show coming to The Octagon on 14th September, it would be great to see you there, and for those that have seen the show before I've revisited the script to reflect our world of 2012...;)

More details to follow...

So what else have I been up to...?


I was recently commissioned by Jacqui Carroll of REEL MANCHESTER to write a play for a drama group in Salford - Kersal Young People's Group.  This group is wonderful.  I've worked with them over the last few weeks - they are aged from 9 to 79 and I've never seen such a warm atmosphere of mutual respect and enthusiasm right across the age group.  They really are a joy to work with.  Jacqui's remit was to write a play set in World War 2 around a Salford Air Raid Shelter.  And boy, do we have a play...

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON seemed a very apt title as the posters from that era, in various re-edtions tailored for our times - had recently re-emerged. 

I've set the story over the months leading up to the Salford Blitz of December 1940.  Filled with rich characters, Salford humour, do or die spirit of WW2 and at the same time it is powerful and poignant, I can honestly say that if you get the good fortune to see this great group perform the play, it will be a night you won't forget.  Written in six days, it's one of the best pieces of writing I have ever done, I'm proud of it and very, very proud that this group are going to be performing it, it will be directed by Jacqui Carroll and myself. 

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON will be at THE LOWRY, QUAYS THEATRE on Sunday 5th August. 

More updates soon...

Joe x

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